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Corporate Information

About MAX

MAX Command is A Service of Global Grid Telecom, Inc., Inc. that provides high-quality phone service that uses telephony protocols for both residential and commercial customers.

MAX provides the most cost effective, complete MAX Phone Service package available to United States residential and business customers. "Our unparalleled 24/7 technical support team coupled with our state of the art fiber optic network ensures you that you will have the highest available quality of service at a great price", stated Harry H. Hart, III,, Chief Executive Officer.

As A Service of Global Grid Telecom, Inc., MAX is much more financially and managerially stable than many providers. MAX Command is a privately owned corporation located in Seattle, Washington was founded in 1999. Since the company was founded in 1999, it has experienced an incredible amount of consistent growth. Without utilizing venture capital, funds from outside investors, or bank financing, Global Grid Telecom has grown steadily while remaining entirely debt-free. In today's economy and especially in the tech industry, this is almost unheard of.