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The MAX Build Your Own Service service allows our more technically savvy customers who choose to use all of the MAX services and features to enjoy additional savings, such as unlimited calls, discounted messages, and enhanced iCommand rules.  MAX BYOS includes free installation too!  To order a BYOS plan from MAX, please be certain to use the order link below or call our VIP order desk at the number above.

Pricing Options

You can choose a billing cycle for your monthly or yearly invoice.  The prepay options provides an additional 10% discount on the rates below. The 12 and 24 month plans offer the best value! This plan offers more features than listed below. Visit the feature section for a complete list of included features.

  Basic Service1 Unlimited1
MAX My Line(s): 1000 calls Unlimited Service
CallCaptiva: Yes Yes
CallCaptiva Web Access: Yes Yes
MAXmobile: Yes Yes
MAXn11: Yes Yes
MAX511: Yes Yes
MAX811: Yes Yes
MAXinsight: Yes Yes
iCommand: Yes Yes
iFlash: Yes Yes
InfoMAX: Yes Yes
MAXearth: Yes Yes
MAXnotify: Yes Yes
MAXcall: Yes Yes
MAXmessage: Yes Yes
MAXscreen: Yes Yes
Free Year:   Yes
Price: $19.95 / month1 $240 $199 / year1
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(1) When you prepay.  When you prepay. 

Service Requirements