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iCommand features


It all starts with MAXcaptiva.  When you MAX your phone you automatically log each and every incoming and outgoing call.  Similar to the list of long distance call inside your monthly phone bill, MAXcaptiva organizes and archives local AND long distance calls dialed or received on your phone.  This is a great service for keeping up to three years of call records for later review.

Accessible by only you on a secure web page, you can organize, search, and display calls as they happen.  No more losing phone numbers or wondering when that certain call took place.  You'll always have a place to look with MAX.

Each MAXcaptiva call will have the date, time, origination number, terminating number, and other data points that will give you more that your current Caller ID gives you today.

How to Use MAXcaptiva

By MAXing your phone you are all set up.  There is nothing you need to do except receive and dial calls like you normally do.  It's automatic and 24x7.

If you ever need access to your calls simply login to your MAX account and click on My Account.  You'll be able to display and manage your call list(s) from there.

How much does it cost

The basic fee for MAX covers one phone line plus 200 incoming and/or outgoing calls.  500 for your business lines.  For each additional (optional) service you add to MAX like iCommand or MAXinsight, you will receive an additional 100 incoming or outgoing calls FREE.  Calls not covered by the allowance are charged at 2 per call regardless of duration or location.

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