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Residential Service

MAX Basic Residential Service

Pricing Options

Our MAX|command Call Blocking - Basic service - will block just those callers with toll-free numbers in their Caller ID.  Your legitimate calls will not be blocked.  Just those numbers known to be unwanted telemarketers, scams, and nuisance callers. Enhanced blocking is available with our Unlimited Service and blocks up to 90% of the average household's unwanted calls.

  Month to Month
MAX My Line: 98 per month billed to your phone account
MAX Call Blocking - 1-800 calls Yes
MAX Call Blocking - 1-888 calls Yes
MAX Call Blocking - 1-8877 calls Yes
MAX Call Blocking - 1-866 calls Yes
MAX Call Blocking - 1-855 calls Yes
MAX Call Blocking - 1-844 calls Yes
MAX Call Blocking - Area Code 202 calls Yes
One-Time Programming Fee: $59.99
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                         Want To Block More Types Of Unwanted Callers? See our Unlimited Service

Service Requirementsents

To take advantage of the savings offered by our Residential plan, you must have CenturyLink Residential phone service or service provided by a reseller utilizing the CenturyLink network and a valid U.S. mailing address (no P.O. Boxes please).